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Aunt Zina, picking up her girlfriend in her arms, started screaming, saying everything that was possible about me in a couple of phrases. Then it started to repeat itself. The entrance door opened, Vitya came out - a neighbor from the third floor, a pot-bellied man, about thirty-five, with a huge cardboard box. He's been taking empty boxes out of the house for two weeks now, but I've never seen him bring anything in. Weird hobby

Vitya, passing between us, for a moment closed me from Aunt Zina, and I dived into the entrance. Nobody followed me. Golda, probably, did not want to and did not let her mistress. But I heard the loud voice of Aunt Zina, even going up to my apartment. I have always been puzzled by people who talk so loudly to themselves. It would be better if she

I played checkers by myself, it would be more useful. And then she would scold herself for losing.


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