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job description

Get your team of hardworking friends together!

We're looking for a team of 3-5 entrepreneurs willing to work hard in an outdoor environment with flexible hours.


The work is often affected by weather conditions.  

After having created your own team, making sure every member is reliable, responsible, and hardworking, the team will fill 50 lb bags of black soil throughout the spring season. The production requirements can vary throughout the season, depending on the needs of the market, so frequent and haphazard availability is important.

Contract starts early-May until late-August.

Worksite is located in St-Boniface.



The availability of candidates is a very important factor in our hiring choices.




Paid per bag made

Summer Job Winnipeg Soil Bag Team

team Qualifications

Your team must :

Have a team leader who will be the contact person for the group.

Be physically healthy and able to lift at least 50lb (23 kg) of weight.

Be responsible, reliable, and consistent.


Be available to be called on to make soil bags

depending on the market's demand throughout the duration of the contract. Sometimes at a day's notice.

other li'l details

  • We will be contacting candidates selected for an interview via email, so please keep an eye on your spam folder to avoid missing anything. 

  • All selected candidates will be required to attend a mandatory training session in late-April.

  • No cover letter is required.

  • St. Leon Gardens emphasizes equality and inclusion in its hiring practices. We support diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.


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