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Help us tend to these beautiful plants...

Job Description

During the Spring months (May, June), St-Léon Gardens carries an extensive array of perennial and annual flowers, vegetable plants, and gardening equipment. As one can imagine, extensive knowledge of these types of plants requires years of experience in their growing and caring.


We need help from knowledgeable experts with excellent plant care and customer service skills. The employee would be working outside, under the sun, in a fast paced environment, with a team of young staff. 


The bulk of the job is spent answering staff and customer questions concerning various plants as well as watering and inventory management. 

Bilingualism is not a requirement. ​


You must...

Have excellent knowledge of perennial, bedding, vegetable plants, soil, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and gardening in general.

Be able to provide customers with exceptional service, advice and solutions related to gardening. Much of the job requires one on one conversations with customers, concerning specific gardening challenges, such as plant illnesses, soil quality, pest and bug control, etc.

Be willing to work flexible hours, on weekends and evenings, and according to Mother Nature’s mood. St-Léon Gardens is open 7 days a week and very weather dependent.

Be able to work under the sun, while alternating between tending to the customer with extremely friendly customer service, and caring for the quality of the plants. 


(Please upload your resume at the end of the application.)

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Please check back in next spring!