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Harvest the rewards

loyalty card



on all your purchases



in-store credit

tractor miles stamp image-01.png
tractor miles stamp image-01.png

Never lose a stamp again!

You now collect a simple 2% in-store credit on 
every single dollar spent at our store!

No more reaching for the next $20 goal ;)

Receive your cashback whenever you want!

No need to fill out an entire stamps card, simply ask staff at till for your cashback, and
redeem your in-store credit on the spot!

* Legacy stamp cards will not be valid after October 9th, 2022. *

Double Tractor Miles Logo-01.png

Every Tuesday, collect
Double the Tractor Miles cashback when shopping in-store! 







FAQ and Terms

· How do I get my new card?

When you swing by in person at the market, we'll hook you up with a New Tractor Miles Card at the till!
Whether you already have an account in our system or not, we'll ask for your
name and phone number to link with your New Tractor Miles Card. This way, you can use your phone number to collect rewards even when you don't have the card with you!

· How does this card differ to the old stamps card?

The goal with this New Tractor Miles card was to make it simpler for everyone! Now, you receive a simple 2% cashback on your purchases by showing your card at checkout. This cashback can be redeemed as store credit on your next transaction!

You no longer need to fill up an entire card, or reach the next $20 goal to get your stamp. You can
redeem your cashback as store credit anytime at the till by asking a staff.

· I have a bunch of old stamps from the old card, what should I do with them?

The old stamps card and their respective stamps will be invalid after October 9th, 2022. We will no longer accept old stamps cards after that date.

· How do I redeem this 2% cashback?

It's nice and simple! You'll just have to ask a staff at the till once you've collected cashback, and you'll see the value deducted from your total bill. You can redeem your cashback anytime, whether you have $1 or $100 of credit accumulated!

Cashback terms:
a) Before you first redeem your cashback, we will require an email address and postal code. This information is for admin reasons only. We'll only add you to our email newsletter if you'd like.

b) Cashback is not collected on the purchase of gift cards or deposits (such as milk bottle deposits).

c) Cashback cannot be redeemed once the transaction is completed. Cashback cannot be redeemed on the same transaction as it was collected.

d) Cashback is non-transferable store credit and has no cash value. Cashback can only be redeemed on in-store purchases done at St-Léon Gardens 419 St. Mary's Rd.

· Does the Double Tractor Miles Tuesday apply to items I purchase online?

No, the Double Tractor Miles Tuesday promotion only applies to purchases made in-store. 

· What will you do with my data?

We won't share any of your data with anyone, and we won't add you to our email newsletter unless you consent to it.

· Is this a credit card?

Nope, while it may look like one, this New Tractor Miles is just a good old fashioned loyalty card with a tasteful face-lift! ;)


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