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Our Outdoor Farm Market

A Farm Market 

7 days a week

What started out as a small youth gardening project has grown into a seasonal outdoor farm market that sells produce grown or made by over 200 local producers. From juicy local strawberries to freshly baked bread, we pack our shelves with only the best that can be found across Manitoba. Swing on by to Jardins St-Léon Gardens. Open every day of the week!


If you need local, fresh, delicious produce in Winnipeg, or are looking for high-quality bedding plants at a friendly, helpful garden center inside the city, come check out the friendliest farmers' market in Winnipeg!

Store hours

We are open 7 days a week, always packed with fresh local goodies

Mon - Sat :


Holidays :


The small farmer

Buying local means supporting the local economy. Buying Local food also means helping numerous small family owned farms that do not have the acreage and resources to ship across the world. Manitoba's small producers need local support in order to keep the farms running.


Seasonal flavours

When you're buying seasonal produce, you're consuming unique varieties that have been chosen with flavour in mind. Since seasonal produce typically does not need long shelf life, seeds and varieties are selected for flavour above all other traits. 

Shipping a boat across the ocean isn't an easy task and it's even harder on the planet. Eating locally grown and produced food reduces carbon emissions by ensuring your veggies haven't spent a few weeks traveling the world.

Why local?

"Jardins St Léon is so much more than a "jardin" nowadays, it's evolved into a happy place full of local produce and other local products. It has happened more than once that we've left there with artisan bread, vegetables, fruit AND a new flower for our flowerbed. We've never been disappointed."

- Danielle G. Google review
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419 St Mary's Rd. Winnipeg, MB, Canada


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